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HIKARI School of Music offers services in:
  • Music lessons
  • Photography
  • Video coverage
  • Audio recording
  • Video shooting
  • Music notation
  • Voice classes
  • Song composition
  • Music score writing
  • Music production 
  • P.A hire
  • Sale of music instruments
  • Abroad music tours
We offer music classes in Piano, guitar, bass, violin, cello, flute, recorder, harmonica, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, cornet, clarinet, drum set and voice. 
Individual Lessons
30mins – 800 kes
45mins – 1000 kes
60mins – 1200 kes
Group Lessons
2 people sharing (per person sharing)
30mins – 700 kes
45mins – 800 kes
60mins – 1100 kes
3people sharing (per person sharing)
30mins – 600 kes
45mins – 700 kes
60mins – 1000 kes
4 people sharing (per person sharing)
30mins – 500 kes
45mins – 600 kes
60mins – 900 kes
6 people sharing (per person sharing)
45mins – 400 kes
HIKARI School of Music offers photography classes as well as photography services which include(portraits, family shoots, baby photography, birth day shoots, burial coverage, events coverage, studio shoots, product photography & conceptual)
HIKARI School of Music Photography programme prepares students for the creative, conceptual and technical demands of a career as a photographer. Using state-of-the art cameras, students learn to light, shoot, edit and print photographs. The course also exposes students to various genres in photography and teaches students to tell stories using photographs.
Our Rates
Photography classes: 16,000 Kes
What is covered:
  • Photography, Studio & Outdoor Lighting
  • Composition and Design, Visual Literacy & Storytelling
  • Photoshop & Light room
COURSE DURATION: 1 Term (12 Classes)
Upon successful completion of the programme, graduates will be able to:
  • Operate industry-standard cameras in order to capture still and motion-based images Apply effective lighting techniques in natural, artificial and mixed lighting
  • Use Light room and Adobe Photoshop to edit and enhance images
  • Apply appropriate techniques for different genres of photography, including portraiture,documentary,and commercial
Event Coverage
Kes 1,000 – 1 hour
Outdoor Shoots / Individual shoots
Kes 1,000 – 1 hour
Contact us for quotes if you are looking for us to cover your wedding.
HIKARI School of music offers services in music video shoots, video coverage, video editing classes, promos, trailers, b rolls.
Our Rates:
Video Editing Classes: 14,000kes
Music Video:From 4,000kes
Promo/short videos: From 4,000kes for a 1 min clip
Contact us for a quote if you are looking for video coverage in your wedding or event.
HIKARI School of music offers services in arts: pencil arts, paints, brushes, string arts.
Our Rates:
Arts Classes: 14,000kes (12 classes)
Contact us for a quote if you are looking for video coverage in your wedding or event.
HIKARI School of Music offers recording services; music song recording, audio recording, jingles, corporate songs, voice overs e.t.c
Our Rates:
1 audio song – 10,000 kes per song
1 album (4 songs) – 8,000 kes per song.
This rate is inclusive of everything per song. You don’t have to pay instrumentalists, Backup vocalists.
Hire a HIKARI talent!
Are you looking for a private tutor? Pianist, drummer, saxophonist, guitarist, vocalist, band, choir, Bgv, dancers?
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Our Courses


Music Production

Become a music producer, audio engineer, sound engineer, music technician!



Certificate course: 1 semester (4 months)

B tec certificate course: 2 semesters (8 months)

B tec Diploma course: 5 semesters (2 years)



Study digital photography, Skin retouch and Video editing.




Photography classes: 10 weeks (2 months)

Skin retouch: 10 weeks (2 months)

Video Editing: 10 weeks (2 months)



Music Instruments

Learn Piano, Guitar, Violin, Drum Set, Saxophone, Flute, Recorder, Ukulele, Voice, Cello, Percussion & Voice


Graded Exams (Abrsm & Lcm)

Per Grade: 30 classes (30 hours)

Beginner: 1,000 per lesson

Intermediate/Advanced: 1,200 per lesson


music Theory

Classes every Thursday 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm.

Charges: 800 per Month


Grade 1 to Grade 5 – 8 months

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