About Us

About HIKARI School of Music

Our History

HIKARI School of Music was established in 2012 in Nakuru, Kenya.

We serve the population of Nakuru and surrounding area with quality music education including tutoring on instruments, voice, and music production.

We are also passionate about nurturing young people’s talents and in this regard, we run a gospel choir named “HIKARI Gospel Voices” where upcoming singers from all around Nakuru gather to form one choir and host regular concerts.

HIKARI School of Music also organizes and conducts international music tours to expose students from Africa to other cultures and their musical heritages.
The destinations include Japan, UK, USA, South Africa, Austria and Switzerland.

Come find what you can achieve today with HIKARI School of Music!


Vision & Values

HIKARI School of Music vision is to educate, train, mentor and develop young creatives to excel in music and arts. 

Your Future Starts Here.

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