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About us

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We don’t just teach, we inspire!

Our Services

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Our Services Music Lessons Our music lessons are professionally tailored to suit your needs and your pace. Whether you want to perform for fun or… Read More »Our Services

Our Fees

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To know more about our fee structure for both local and international students, please click on the files below

Our services

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As we continue to grow and meet new challenges in order to meet clientele needs, HIKARI continues to listen to your requests. Our services are… Read More »Our services

Our Tours

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With over 19 years of active involvement in, preparation and conducting very successful local and international tours, HIKARI team stands above the rest in the… Read More »Our Tours

This is who we are!

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Having started from a humble beginning with a few students, HIKARI School of Music has grown on to become a global outfit with students from over 22 countries and the numbers keep growing. We are pleased to announce that we have gone fully online and as a premiere music and foreign languages school, we have perfected our skills in providing online lessons so as to make them feel like they’re in-person.

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