Community Outreach : Making a Difference

Throughout the years, we have been honored to collaborate with a diverse range of individuals and communities, providing them with the support they require.

Nurturing Raw Talent:

From budding artists to aspiring performers, we have had the privilege of working with exceptional raw talent. Our mission is to empower these individuals and help them realise their full potential. By offering guidance, resources, and mentorship, we create an environment where creativity thrives and dreams come to life.

Transforming Lives Through Music: Chazon Children Centre

At our organization, we strongly believe in the power of music to make a positive impact on the lives of children facing challenges. We are dedicated to providing care and support to patients in hospices and offering a helping hand to children affected by post-election violence. Our unwavering commitment ensures that every child receives the care, attention, and resources they deserve.

Through our programs, we use music as therapy, entertainment, and education. Music has the remarkable ability to heal, inspire, and educate, and we harness its potential to benefit these children.

Thanks to the generous support we have received From LEGGATT Trust Fund UK, we have been able to reach Chazon Children Centre in Molo, Kenya. This school has become a hub for our efforts, where we provide music instrument lessons and teach choral singing to the children.

By introducing these young individuals to the world of music, we aim to nurture their talents, boost their confidence, and equip them with valuable life skills. We have witnessed firsthand the transformative power of music, and we are thrilled to share this experience with the children at Chazon Children Centre.

If you would like to learn more about this inspiring project and the profound impact we have made in the lives of these children, we invite you to explore further details about the Project at Chazon Children centre here.

Community Engagement:

We actively engage with communities, recognizing their unique needs and aspirations. One of our notable initiatives involved collaborating with young people and setting up a community choir to promote unity, cultural expression, and joy through music. Together, we created harmonious melodies that resonate with the hearts and souls of those who listen. The group, a Gospel Choir entitled HIKARI Gospel Voices (HGV) has been very instrumental in touching hearts and uplifting souls through their beautiful music. To know more about HGV, click here.

Supporting our cause

Our inspiring journey of supporting various causes has brought us immense inspiration and fulfillment. Our unwavering dedication lies in empowering raw talent and extending assistance to children in need. Together with the generosity of our supporters, we aim to create lasting change and a brighter future for all.

If you are interested in supporting our cause or learning more about how you can make a difference, we encourage you to get in touch with Yuka and Nick, our dedicated representatives. They will provide you with all the necessary information and guide you on the various ways you can contribute.

Your support can play a crucial role in transforming lives and shaping a better world. Contact Yuka and Nick today to become a part of our meaningful mission.

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