During this time when the President has determined the coronavirus outbreak “past the point of containment,” and until HSM determines the crisis is over, we at HSM will have to take stricter measures regarding teacher and student illness.

NOTE:  some of the below restrictions go beyond minimum conventional restrictions, and are being put into place in order to provide psychological and emotional comfort to the listening party.

ILLNESS POLICYIf a teacher has any fever or cold-like symptoms including sore throat or deep-chested coughingthey should by NO means enter the premises of HSM.  Teachers recovering from having any fever or cold-like symptoms must wear a face mask at all times for at least 7 days after the symptoms have completely disappeared.

If students have any symptoms, they should notify HSM and their teacher as soon as possible and arrange for a makeup lesson.  Extra leniency shall be granted for make up lessons, as long as the teacher has not already arrived at the lesson. 
Teachers who have a fever or cold-like symptoms, including sore throat or deep-chested coughing should contact HSM immediately and should notify and reschedule their students or ask HSM to appoint a sub. 

CLEANLINESS POLICYTeachers will disinfect door handles and piano keyboard before and after entering the room.

The bathroom sink, front desk and chair armrests should be wiped down after usage.  

Anyone who has recovered any illness or flu within 7 days shall agree disclose recovery or recent illness to the other party, and if all possible wear a protective face mask for up to 3 days after the symptoms are gone.

Thank you for being considerate toward the safety of our community during this time of high alert.

-HSM Management
Over the next few weeks the following teachers will offer only online lessons: 



Mr. Jesse Wahome: Music Production

Mr. Ben Karimi: Guitar, Drums, Piano

Mr. Nathan Musyoka: Piano 

The following teachers are offering online lessons upon request but are still available for live one-on-one lessons:



Ms. Kendra Atenya: Violin, Voice

Mr. Nick Mwashimba: Piano, Violin, Saxophone, Voice, Cello

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