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From Being Fired to establishing a Successful Online Global School

All of us have been through challenges in life, and we are no different. We overcame odds of growing up in not only challenging backgrounds, but also going through a long distant relationship, cultural differences, and beating the odds to get married despite many quarters being against our International marriage. 

As we started life together, we finally got employed in an International School where everything was going well until one morning, we were called into the Boss’s office and informed that we had both lost our jobs! With two young children and nowhere else to turn, we had to look at where to pick up the pieces.

Our next couple of months saw us pick up the pieces and try to grow. If you want to read our whole story, then you can go here to see it. We will take you on our personal journey from early beginnings to where we are.

While not having to worry about finances is an excellent situation, what we value the most is family time. We opted to become Worldschoolers, which gives us quality time with our children and helps us ensure that their educational, emotional, social and physical needs are taken care of. 

To us, family is the most important unit and we guard this with a lot of zeal. From arranging International group tours, swimming, eating out to board games, we are always having fun.

As one of the top respected Bloggers in the world, Brandon Gaille says, “There is nothing more valuable in life than time, and who you spend that time with”, so it applies to us and our family. We have fostered our child and looking forward to making a difference in our little Angel’s life.

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