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HIKARI School of Music

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HIKARI School of Music is a premier music school in Kenya founded by Mr. Nick Mwashimba in 2012. HIKARI School of music has two branches one in Nakuru town and one in Nanyuki. HIKARI School of Music offers music services to the population of Kenya in Instrument Classes, Music consultation, music production & sound engineering, music theory, singing classes/voice lessons, music score writing, recording studio, abroad music tours, sale of music instruments, band hire for events, choir training, photography classes, video editing classes, photography services, video shooting classes. It boasts of having very professional and qualified music teachers with years of experience in teaching music.

HIKARI School of Music Nakuru is located along Crest Road Milimani opposite KMTC inside Trinity Chapel Nakuru while the HIKARI School of Music Nanyuki is situated inside St. Christopher’s School Nanyuki along cottage road just opposite Brae burn International School Nanyuki.

HIKARI School of Music also is home to the HIKARI Gospel choir (HGV) a gospel choir formed in 2017 that comprises youth from Nakuru county and supports two more choirs in Nakuru County which are Chazon Children Center and Combo Children’s center choir.


HIKARI School offers music classes to kids from 4 years old to adults. The Kids Music Classes are divided into two: Kinder Music for young children between 4 years old to 6 years old without any prior music knowledge, the second category comprises of over 5 years old who can do individual music classes. Adult lessons are mainly on an individual basis and all music students get to choose the day they want to have their music class and the exact time. HIKARI School of Music also offers evening classes to people who are busy during the day but still want to do their evening classes. The flexibility in the class timings makes it best to study music at the HIKARI School of Music.


Some of the instruments on offer at HIKARI School of Music are Piano, Violin, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Lead guitar / Solo guitar, Cello, Recorder, Saxophone, drums, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, and percussion.


HIKARI School of music offers music lessons in two modes:

  1. Contemporary music Best for students who just want to learn an instrument for fun.
  2. Exam Approach: Best for students who are looking to be certified by an international exam body in music practicals or music theory. Some of the examinations bodies that HIKARI students sit for their examinations are; Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM), London College of Music (LCM) and University of South Africa (UNISA). HIKARI School of Music has a 100% success in all music examinations. A child looking to do music exams will require at least 2 terms before attempting a grade for grades 1-3 and a whole year from grade 4. For new music students, they will require 1 year before starting to prepare for music examinations. The students learn music performance pieces, aural tests, sight-reading scales, and arpeggios. Voice students learn 3 songs and 1 traditional song to present to the examiner, sight-singing and the aural tests. HIKARI School of Music prepares students for all this.

The music classes run from Every Monday to Saturday. The music school opens every morning from 9 am and close at 5 pm. With evening music classes starting from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. All classes are on an appointment basis and every student gets to be assigned a tutor depending on the musical instrument they are taking. School going kids have Saturday from 9 am to 4:00 pm for their weekly music classes, where they come to have their classes and engage themselves with different activities still offered at HIKARI School of Music like horse riding, coloring, and painting, playing chess, playing spoons, playing cards, playing monopoly among other activities.

Every Thursdays from 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm HIKARI School hosts a Kids band where kids come to learn an instrument and get to play as a band. They learn different songs that they love and play together.

HIKARI School of Music is very secure and parents get to come to drop their kids for music classes and leave them as they go running their day to day activities. The music school is guarded by Blue Kennel Security Limited who offers maximum protection to the institution and care to all the Kids. Being situated inside a church you are assured that your children are in good hands.

If you are looking to take music lessons then for sure HIKARI School of Music is the place to be. Do not hesitate to call: Contact details are 0735 606676 or email on or and for HIKARI School of Music Nanyuki.

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