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In HIKARI we don’t just teach, we inspire! We not only inspire, we Let Your Light Shine!

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From International institutions to individual lessons, HIKARI is your premiere languages and music online School providing professional, friendly and very affordable lessons to you! Call us today for your personalised quote.



With over 23 years of active teaching and impacting lives, we stand ahead of the competition. We have vast experience in teaching, performance and international tour organisation.



We offer top quality music and foreign languages education. Our tutors are very experienced, friendly and easy to work with. We walk with you all the way to make your journey as enjoyable as possible



We partner with many international bodies including ABRSM, LCM, Pearson, EdExcel, UNISA, JPLT, IELTS and EIKEN to prepare students for various Music, music technology and foreign language Exams


Learn at your Pace

Every lesson is packaged to suit your individual needs as well as group activities you are working on. We ensure that you have learnt something new in every lesson and give you ample time to practice your skills. We have always believed in 80:20 Practical:Theory concept

Why Choose Us?

We have over 23 Years teaching experience and during this time we have worked with Top international schools in Africa, partnered with many other international schools around the world and have worked with countless number of students, some of whom have gone on to become very successful entrepreneurs and artists in the creative and performing industry. Our record in preparing students for the world through International exams and certification is excellent. To know more about us, please click on the video below

#1. Best Educational Tutors

Our tutors have gone through rigorous training in order to compete with the top tutors around the world and deliver the best quality lessons. With HIKARI, You are sure to get value for your money

#2. Learn Online at Your Own Pace

We tailor lessons to suit your pace and needs. We ensure that you have grasped concepts before moving into new topics.

#3. Professional Certification

Partnering with international bodies means we prepare you for professional international certification which is recognised around the world, making it easier to fit anywhere around the world.


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Google Reviews

Well HIKARI school of Music is arguably the best school of Music online. You will love the mode of study at Hikari since all lessons are appointment based and not only do you get to be tutored one on one by your teacher, you also get an opportunity to work as part of a group in group lessons. As a student I loved the experience. The teachers are so warm, understanding and considerate. In my first lessons I had accomplished more than I could have dreamed of. I could read simple scores after my second lesson which to me was such an achievement.
This is a go to Music school. If you want to be a serious musician don’t waste time out there join the school ASAP.


Hikari school is not only a school of music. They empower people and transform lives through music.
Are you in Nakuru and want to take music lessons? This is the place. You will find very nice people with a big heart and great musicians!


Best musical experience ever!Warm reception,great learning experience with very talented and friendly teachers and you want to know my favorite part???well this is it…they have the best rates in town meaning you will see value for your money and practise sessions are absolutely free!!


I saw the determination in the Japanese lady,she’s a mover and a shaker,bravo.