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Music Production

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learning music production in kenya

HIKARI School of Music is one of the best music production schools in Kenya. We boast of our different approaches to teaching music from normal norms. Our music production is eligible for all persons who have computer skills and are passionate about Music. We follow a vocational path of teaching music production which allows learners to be very practical with what they are learning from the normal day to day theory. Our classes based on the Pearson Btec curricular and we offer all levels available with Btec which include: BTEC Certificate in music production technology, extended certificate in sound engineering in music production, foundation diploma in music production technology, diploma in music production technology and extended diploma in music production technology. All these levels are examined under Pearson BTEC. HIKARI School of Music also offers music production classes for people who are looking just to learn the tricks of production but don’t want to sit for the international examinations under award certificate in music production.

Our recording studio which substitutes as our class for music production lessons has up to date music production equipment to make your learning process painless. The music production equipment is up to industry standards and always readily available to all the students when they need to access them. We also have updated music production software that every student gets once they start the classes. The used music production software is usually available for both Mac and Windows. Some of the music production software includes;  Ableton Live. FL Studio. Apple Logic Pro X. Avid Pro Tools. Propellerhead ReasonApple GaragebandSteinberg CubaseCockos ReaperPreSonus Studio. We always strive to get the most recent music production software as soon as they are released to the market in order to keep our students up to date.

The department of Music production at HIKARI School of Music is headed by our director Mr. Nick Mwahimba who has a master’s in music production technology (Audio engineering) from York University, UK. His years of experience in the teaching industry enables our students to be top after going through HIKARI School of Music. If you are looking for a music production college in Kenya the HIKARI School of Music is the place to be.

Students at HIKARI School of Music Recording studio in Nakuru learning music production. They are recording a song fro their production project.

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