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With over 19 years of active involvement in, preparation and conducting very successful local and international tours, HIKARI team stands above the rest in the game. We pride ourselves in taking small and large groups of school students abroad on educational tours. Some of the countries we have taken students to on the said tours include cities in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, The UK, Austria, Japan and South Africa. As we specialise in student group tours, we package the tours to set the Schools apart from their competitors. We understand the value of Co-curricular activities in the Education system and thus ensure we give top value at a very reasonable cost!

HIKARI School of Music will be responsible for ALL the planning and arrangements of the tour, including preparation for visa applications, air ticketing, travel insurance, transport in the destination country, accommodation, all meals, sight seeing and entry tickets to any amusement parks or sight seeing spots. The contents of the tour can be tailored to the interest, timings and relevance to the participating students. As we work with various partners across various countries, teachers of the participating school will be able to conduct a tour to their chosen destination with personal and detailed considerations for the group without spending hours in preparation, thus freeing up their time to deal with other important issues and projects.

In our previous tours to some of the countries, nearly all the participants come back more enlightened about different cultures in the world. They learn to work as a team, respect people from various backgrounds, and in return appreciate their own culture more. These tours have opened their eyes to the possibility of proceeding to a university in these countries, and there have been cases where our participant students went back to these countries to attend short courses with scholarships.

As HIKARI team we take pride in our work and ensure that we walk with the group from the planning stages all the way to execution and successful completion of the tour itinerary. We ensure that the representatives of HIKARI travel ahead of the group so as to ensure that the planning is well executed and completed to satisfaction. The team will be at the airport to receive the group at the destination country and take them to their accommodation. We at HIKARI work as a family and take our clients as part of the family.

While the tours do not involve any physically demanding/ dangerous activities, we always conduct risk assessments in accordance with the format specified by the school or institution to evaluate and navigate around all risks. Our top clients we have worked with repeatedly and consistently in the past include Greensteds International School, St. Andrew’s Senior School and Prep School Turi and Kenton Preparatory College among others.

Before CoVID-19 halted international travel, There were plans to take other School teams on Tour to Belgium and the USA. These plans are still in the pipeline for the near future. For enquiries and detailed planning for your tour, please contact us via our email, phonecall or various social media handles and we will respond to you as soon as we receive your query.

Please click below for a sample of one of the tours we did with St. Andrew’s Senior School Turi to Japan



We do 9 day tours to London, Brighton, Plymouth and York tours including festivals and performances


One of the most sought after tours which is quite demanding. A lot to see and experience in culture and performances. Visits to Castles and festivals in major cities including Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo


Other than a visit in Kenya, we do tours down south and experience African culture including wildlife tours in their natural habitat. Cities include Johannesburg, Pretoria and Sandton


Salzburg and Vienna on the to-do-list and experience. Considered the musical city in Europe, we take the team down memory lane and experience the rich History and culture of Vienna!

Awesome Destinations


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Media, Icons


Media, Icons

After a lull of 3 years due to COVID-19 effects, Our very popular International tours return next year with the World Choir Games in Korea in July 2023. 2024 will see us travel with teams to New Zealand for another season of World Choir Games and other amazing destinations abroad including Austria, UK, Japan, USA, South Africa and many others for HIKARI Performing and Creative Arts/ Humanities tours. Mark your calendars and contact us if you are interested in any of the tours!