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“It’s one thing to actually be good at something, but a whole
a different thing to be passionate about it.”
Skill isn’t just something that’s easily taught, let alone acquired.
But let’s go back to the taught part. I remember seated somewhere so pumped having just known the term-long exposure.
I had always seen pictures taken of waterscapes with water looking all milky and flat and the colors so
pronounced and wonder, “Did the photographer actually go to heaven to take this?” In fact, I still have the photo in my room.
Light trails, okay I don’t have that one in my room but I always wondered what kind of sorcery that was.
Don’t get me wrong but “Art is brought out of such paucity of knowledge.”
The reason I support this notion of some sort is because I wasn’t born talented to take photos. Infact while at it someone mentioned to me that taking a photo isn’t common knowledge. Constant pressure, a lash on the back, hell in the field, a few misses, one good job and a slight pat on the back to me, and it is fine to differ, is what sets the track to photographer. I don’t think I would get to number five of those steps if I wasn’t passionate. Not saying that you have to go through hell to get to a safe haven but it is quite a paradox to me too, you know, that saying of gold going through fire.
I don’t know if to you photography is fine art but I do hope that by the end of this series, your work may be considered as art.


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