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Photography Classes

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HIKARI School of Music has a photography school, where we teach digital photography classes and skin retouch classes in Nakuru, Kenya.

The cost of photography classes is:

Digital Photography

Cost: 16,000 Kes

Classes: 14 classes

Duration: 10 weeks

Skin Retouch

Cost: 10,000 kes

Classes: 10 Classes

Duration: 5 weeks

The classes aim at equipping the students with knowledge of how to use the DSLR Camera and be able to shoot on all modes mainly focusing on manual shooting. The students get taught about the exposure triangle, rules of thirds, lighting, choosing the perfect location for shooting and also how to edit photographs. Photo editing software such as Adobe Lightroom and adobe photoshop are the standard software that we use for our classes.

Skin retouch classes are usually an add on after one has already learned the art of basic editing of photos. Skin retouch happens entirely on adobe photoshop and requires a certain level of expertise. We encourage our students to take these classes after they are through with the digital photography classes as it improves your general photo editing skills and makes your portfolio more attractive with skin retouched photos. The classes are offered by one of our partners “AMUKAY PHOTOGRAPHY” who have years of experience in photography and skin retouch in Kenya. See attached some of their work:

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