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Dennis Chambers
hikari school of music
Jedidah Muriuki
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Instrument Classes

Piano | Guitar | Violin | Cello | Drum Kit | Bass | Saxophone | Trumpet | Trombone | Recorder | Flute |  Harmonica | Lead Guitar| Percussion |  Vocals

We have two styles of teaching our musical instruments which are 

  1. Contemporary approach
  2. Exam approach/Classical

1. Contemporary Approach

This approach of learning music is best for people who are looking to learn music just for fun/leisure. Maybe you saw a movie and really wanted to play a song that you heard in the movie (eg. Shallow by lady Gaga – from the movie a star was born). 

This approach will ensure that you learn playing the keyboard in all keys, can play songs with melodies as well as chords as well as a bit of sight reading.

For this approach HIKARI School of Music recommends at least 20 classes (45 mins) for an average learner who is consistent with practice. 

After completion of the classes HIKARI School of Music will issue you an entry level certificate to show that you have undertaken piano classes and can play.

One can have between 1 and 3 lessons a week depending with their availability and take then other days as practice days. HIKARI School of Music will provide you  with a keyboard for own practice sessions at no extra costs.

Note: It might require more lessons for some students.

2. Exam Approach

This approach of learning the Piano is set for students who wish to sit for graded international exams. At HIKARI School of Music we sit for exams with this two exam bodies ABRSM (Royal schools of music exams) and LCM (London college of Music)

For this approach students are usually taught in depth sigh reading, some bit of theory which is usually goes one on one with the practical learning, aural is also a key point which we work on. Students are taught how to read music as well as play. This approach takes longer but ensures that one becomes an all round musician. This approach of learning music is best for kids form 6 years old. 

Exams: The exams are usually graded form grade 1 – grade 8. This music exams usually helps students to gunner UCAS points when they are looking for international universities outside Kenya. The exams are paid separately form classes for abrsm rates check

Charges for exam students:

45 mins classes – 1000 kes (beginner/intermediate student)

60 mins classes – 1200kes (intermediate/advanced student)

The number of lessons per grade are 30 classes of either 45 mins or 60 mins depending. 


For young kids 4-7 years old. HIKARI School of Music recommends 30 mins classes because of their short concentration span. In this lessons the kids learn all the basics of playing the instrument and various pieces/songs that they enjoy and also teacher recommended. HIKARI Monitors their progress and advises when they are ready to start taking the exam approach.


hikari school of music

Please note: For school going kids HIKARI School of Music the kids come on Saturdays for their classes and on request we also have weekdays evening classes.

Home lessons attract a 400kes convenience charge above the normal class charges.