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Wonderful events lined up in the coming months. Please look at the posters and information below!

2023 Exams

We are now preparing students for the end of year international exams. register now to be considered!

January 2023 CBC

To all parentsand Schools interested in their children to learn CBC Music, here is your opportunity to build your child’s confidence. Register with us now for early bird September offer!

Group Lessons!

This month we have a very exciting program for groups. If you want to start your music journey, here is your opportunity! Call us and we will make it happen!

Save 33%
In joining our Group lessons!! Join NOW and save on costs! Only for a LIMITED Time

International World Choir Games

The International OLYMPICS of Choirs- The World Choir Games return next year July 2023 in Korea. Just like the Year we saw the Marathon record being shattered at the INEOS Challenge in Vienna, Austria by the famous Kipchoge Keino, we will be there LIVE to experience it all! Book your space and come experience the life changing event with us! EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION ends on 10th September. Take advantage of cheaper rates being offered and register your group now. Don’t wait…The LOWEST price ever won’t wait long!

Here are some highlights of the 2018 Tour we did with teams. One of our choirs we worked with and organised the tour for is highlighted on the segment from 48sec-51sec.