hikari school of music becomes the first unisa accredited school of music in kenya

HIKARI School of Music has become the first accreditated school of music to offer the university of South Africa music examinations in Kenya. The examinations include both Music Theory and Music practicals and the HIKARI School of Music will serve a the examination center in Kenya.

Our director Mr. Nick Mwashimba got his accreditation from the UNISA in the month of January 2020 under the guidance of Mr. Sean Adams, MMus, BMus, HDE who is the deputy director: Professional (Acting) Directorate Music in the University of South Africa. This will allow students from the HIKARI School of Music to be able to enroll to pursue a degree in music from the University of South Africa after doing their graded examinations.

The UNISA graded examination is available to all music students and some of the schools in Kenya that have confirmed that they will be sitting for these examinations include St. Andrews Turi, Molo, and Greensteds International School, Kenya.

Benefits for doing the UNISA Theory exams are including:

  1. Sitting for Unisa grade 5 theory exams act as a prerequisite for sitting for higher grades for ABRSM.
  2. Pursuing a Bachelor in Music at the University of South Africa.
  3. The exams can be done by everyone including children who are from 5 years of age.

We are helping you define tomorrow do not be left us join us at HIKARI School of music do UNISA.