music production at hikari school of music

Why We offer Btec in Music Production at HIKARI School of Music


With a track record built over 30 years of learner success, BTEC Nationals are widely recognized by industry and higher education as the signature vocational qualification at Level 3. They provide progression to the workplace either directly or via study at a higher level. Proof comes from YouGov research, which shows that 62% of large companies have recruited employees with BTEC qualifications. What’s more, well over 100,000 BTEC students apply to UK universities every year and their BTEC Nationals are accepted by over 150 UK universities and higher education institutes for relevant degree programs either on their own or in combination with A Levels.

Why are BTECs so successful? 

BTECs embody a fundamentally learner-centred approach to the curriculum, with a flexible, unit-based structure and knowledge applied in project-based assessments. They focus on the holistic development of the practical, interpersonal and thinking skills required to be able to succeed in employment and higher education. When creating the BTEC Nationals in this suite, we worked with many employers, higher education providers, colleges and schools to ensure that their needs are met. Employers are looking for recruits with a thorough grounding in the latest industry requirements and work-ready skills such as teamwork. Higher education needs students who have experience of research, extended writing and meeting deadlines. 

We have addressed these requirements with:

  • a range of BTEC sizes, each with a clear purpose, so there is something to suit each learner’s choice of study programme and progression plans 
  • refreshed content that is closely aligned with employers’ and higher education needs for a skilled future workforce  
  • assessments and projects chosen to help learners progress to the next stage. This means some are set by you to meet local needs, while others are set and marked by Pearson so that there is a core of skills and understanding that is common to all learners. For example, a written test can be used to check that learners are confident in using technical knowledge to carry out a certain job.

We are providing a wealth of support, both resources and people, to ensure that learners and their teachers have the best possible experience during their course. See Section 10 for details of the support we offer.

A word to learners

day’s BTEC Nationals are demanding, as you would expect of the most respected applied learning qualification in the UK. You will have to choose and complete a range of units, be organised, take some assessments that we will set and mark, and keep a portfolio of your assignments. But you can feel proud to achieve a BTEC because, whatever your plans in life – whether you decide to study further, go on to work or an apprenticeship, or set up your own

Eugene Maina and Collins Kiarie during their music production lesson at HIKARI School of Music
Students at HIKARI School of Music during a Music Production Class